NEIL INNES is The Seventh Python

Sean Connors Films, Ltd. Presents a Frozen Pictures production of The Seventh Python, a nonfiction musical feature film based on the life, work and unplanned career of musical satirist Neil Innes. The Seventh Python traces one man’s winding path of whimsy as he flirts with destiny at the edge of fame with incredibly influential and unusually lasting work that keeps one foot each planted in the worlds of comedy and rock ‘n’ roll. From the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band to Monty Python's Flying Circus and The Rutles, to his Ego Warrior campaign and his insistence on wearing a plastic duck on his head, Neil Innes has proven to be the greatest musical comedy satirist of the past fifty years.

Not for nothing does John Cleese compare him to Steve Martin and Charlie Chaplin. It’s no coincidence that Terry Jones likens him to Paul Simon. It’s bizarre that Eric Idle and Michael Palin say he reminds them of Belgians—but they all say it in The Seventh Python. And, by the way, they all agree that Neil’s The Seventh Python, which is a reference to various people being called the Fifth Beatle, which brings us to the Neil and the Beatles themselves…

Paul McCartney produced Neil's first (and, alas, last) hit single; Neil appeared in The Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour; he performed with The Pythons on television, on tour, in films-- and in The Concert for George tribute to his friend George Harrison (in which he was seen baring his arse onstage at the Royal Albert Hall); he belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as Rutle Ron Nasty; he plays a mean ukulele; and he's even got a songwriting credit on a tune by Oasis, who acknowledged “appropriating" his classic, How Sweet To Be An Idiot; and did we mention he likes to wear a duck on his head?

Yes, Neil Innes wears a duck on his head and he refuses to be famous. And it is his stubborn, brave resistance to celebrity culture and consumerism that is at the heart of this film that one early reviewer has called “touching, hilarious and inventive!”

The Seventh Python is filled with concert performances from Neil Innes’ brave trip to Hollywood, the heart of celebrity culture, follows him across three continents, and includes appearances by many friends and associates, from the aforementioned Monty Pythons to music star Aimee Mann, Simpsons creator Matt Groening, comedian and second generation Bonzo Phill Jupitus and a Rutle or two.



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