NEIL INNES is The Seventh Python



Bonnie Rose

Bonnie Rose first saw Neil Innes perform with the Monty Pythons at the Hollywood Bowl in 1981 and has been a fan ever since.  The founder and president of fan clubs for the Monkees and Spinal Tap, she and friend Laurie Stevens started the comprehensive “Words of Innespiration” website (at in 1998, organized the Hollywood concerts that served as the center of this film— and even sang background vocals onstage.  With her Lone Guy Productions, Bonnie has created countless high-quality websites and animations, and in 2006 made worldwide headlines when she beat George Lucas— the George Lucas-- the Star Wars George Lucas!--  to win The Colbert Report’s Green Screen Challenge.


Daniel Brown

Who else to edit The Seventh Python but a renowned avant-garde, experimental, post-punk, indie percussionist?  Dan’s bands included God Is My Co-Pilot (who performed on BBC radio’s John Peel Sessions), “anarcho-musical terrorist group” Salmon Skin, and Hall of Fame. Did we mention he’s also an accomplished film and television editor? Dan edited “The Gods of Times Square” and television series including Tourgasm and the late night comedy hit, Chelsea Lately. In a strange coincidence, Dan Brown was editor of Bloodline, the nonfiction film inspired by author Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

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