NEIL INNES is The Seventh Python



Joachim Blunck

Joachim “JB” Blunck’s eclectic career spans 25 years that include Emmy-winning television producing and directing, award-winning newspaper design and many television and Internet project and product launches. As a producer and executive for Fox Television, JB launched groundbreaking programming, co-created the syndicated television show A Current Affair, perfected the new model for morning television with Good Day New York, and launched Fox’s FX cable network. He introduced the Frozen team to Portuguese performance artist and race car river Joaquin Blanco, who contributed to this project and with whom he has never been seen in the same room.  JB’s F&F Post House is known for its fine post production work and very fluffy folded towels.


Mark Hudson

Mark Hudson is one of the most successful and recognizeable musicians, songwriters and producers in the industry. He co-wrote Aerosmith’s classic Livin On The Edge, and co-wrote and produced five albums with Ringo Starr, including Vertical Man, on which Mark performed with Ringo, Paul & George.  Mark has also been behind the board for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, The Baha Men, Hansen and Cher; written for Celine Dion— and with Carole King. Known as The Forrest Gump of Rock ‘n Roll, Mark is another former Hudson Brother.  Oh, yes.  He’s recognizable because he sports a Technicolor beard.

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