NEIL INNES is The Seventh Python



Sean Connors

Sean Connors is the CEO of Sean Connors Films, Ltd. and an executive producer on several current and upcoming independent feature film projects. Before entering the entertainment industry, he retired from a distinguished career as a technological business entrepreneur.  Sean also has extensive experience raising and managing private capital and continues to invest in and advise various startups and other private equity ventures. His current interests are focused on creating, producing, and distributing entertainment content for film, television and Internet delivery. Sean is also an actual Suburban Spaceman, having worked in various programming and system management roles for the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston from May 1987 to March 1991. He’s also an accomplished actor who does a great British accent.



Keith Walker

Keith Walker is an entertainment whirlwind based in Atlanta, whose experience and expertise ranges from film and television to the arenas of music and professional wrestling. He’s been a producer on the independent feature, Fate, starring “where-are-they-now” celebrities Lee Majors and Philip Michael Thomas; The Unseen starring Steve Harris; and the recent Lynch Mob, a film billed as “A mob movie with a horror twist” (or vice versa).  He was also a producer on several reality television and webisode ventures, including Frozen Pictures’ Michael Lohan project and an Internet series starring pro wrestler Buff Bagwell.   Somehow, he also has time to be an A&R executive for Warrior Records and consultant to the BSPN entertainment network.

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